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Sim Green is an experienced and dynamic company that offers its services to a wide range of clients that includes government agencies, private corporations, educational and commercial activities, private and public collection points and electric-electronic industry professionals.
The company offers its customers primarily the collection, transportation, storage and final processing of waste electronic-electric equipment (WEEE) and also offers services for third parties to companies and public bodies intending to destroy electronic equipment.
Sim Green is one of the few companies in Italy equipped to perform the final processing of electrical and electronic equipment and components through a process of dismantling, sorting, shredding or grinding and the mixing and sampling of raw/secondary materials recovered, in full compliance with the parameters and environmental regulations.


We use our resources to provide a micro-network collection service locally to companies that conduct sales and maintenance of electronic equipment by private and public agencies.


Once unloaded on our premises, the material collected from companies undergoes a series of selective processes.


After disassembly of the equipment and material selection, we proceed to the stages of grinding, milling and storage by type


The materials, sorted by type, are sent to companies for recovery and use of raw and secondary materials.